Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reshet Gimmel's Top 5

The top 5 songs on Reshet Gimmel's countdown, released today:

5. V'at - Harel Ska'at
4. Sodotai - Din Din Aviv
3. Machar - Aviv Geffen
2. Shir B'iparon - Beit Habubot

And #1...

1. Bimkomi - Shai Gabso

In other news...
Eddie Butler's Eurovision-bound song "Zeh Haz'man" made its debut on the top 30 this week, coming in at #12.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shlomo WHO?

Everyone knows who Shlomo Artzi is, right?


Despite ever-present publicity and new songs, today's Israeli kids have never heard of some of the "older" Israeli music icons like Artzi, Shalom Hanoch, Arik Einstein and David Broza.

A survey on the Israeli Children's Channel web site asked kids aged 6-12 if they recognized some of the most honored singers in Israeli music. 67% had never heard of any of them!

At least some kids had a clue. Shlomo Artzi was the most well known of the "old timers," followed by Arik Einstein. But only 3% of respondants had ever heard of Shalom Hanoch, and only 2% recognized David Broza's name!

Editorial comment from Reshet Gimmel:

"But as for Ninette, the two "Harels" and Sa'ado, all of [the kids] certainly know them. Sad."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Israel Hour: March 19, 2006

Join us as we re-live some of the memories from last week's Pre-Eurovision Song Contest! You'll hear many of this year's competing songs as well as some of our favorite "Kdam" hits of all time. Who will represent Israel in Eurovision 2006? Find out!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Eddie Butler!

Eddie Butler will represent Israel at this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Zeh Hazman."


Friday, March 10, 2006

Kdam '06 Songs Online!

The songs competing in the 2006 Kdam Eurovision contest are now available online!

Near the bottom of the page, click on Kdam 06, and then on each individual artist, then on the little "sound" icon to hear the song.

The contest will take place on March 15th.

Happy listening!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Israel Hour: March 5, 2006

Mairov and Josh present an "abbreviated" 45-minute show that's chock full of brand new music! Hear the latest from Maya Buskila and Shlomi Shabbat, plus a new single from Ivri Lider - live in concert!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Kdam 2006: The Songs

Reshet Gimmel reports that they will be playing ALL of the songs that will compete in the upcoming Kdam Erevision, scheduled for 3/15.

The broadcast begins this Sunday, March 5th at 10 am Israel time (3 am in New York).

If you're awake, tune in online at the link above!

Return of the Lamb

Rumor has it that Hakaeves Ha-16 is reuniting for some concerts in Israel. The makers of one of Israel's most successful children's albums - Gidi Gov, Yehudit Ravitz, David Broza, Yoni Richter, Yitzchak Klepter and Yehonatan Gefen - are planning to perform together this summer.

Probably only a metter of time before we see them in New York, Los Angeles and Miami...