Friday, February 01, 2008

Three New Israeli Albums

Thought I'd share some quick thoughts on some new albums I picked up recently.

1. Shiri Maimon - Rega Lifnei She... (A Moment Before)

Shiri's second album definitely ventures into "soul" music in a big way. She's been working quite a bit with Momy Levy, and his influence on this album is evident throughout. You can easily hear his musical style all over the album. I've always been a big fan of Shiri's voice, and she certainly doesn't disappoint here - although I feel that she's a bit more subdued here than on her first album. Some of my favorites include "V'ratziti She'ted'i" (Track 5), "Laila" (Track 6), "K'she'halachta" (Track 7), "Mamshicha Mikaan" (Track 8) and the very popular "Yoter Tov Lisloach" (Track 3).

2. Rita - Remazim (Hints)

Rita's now separated from Rami Kleinstein - both physically and musically - and now it's time for her to reinvent herself. Although Rami did write a couple of the songs on this new album, Rita worked closely with Ivri Lider on this effort, and it shows. She's singing much lower than she used to, avoiding the high notes and showing off the lower range of her voice. I've only listened to the album once, and although she sounds great, my one complaint is that many of the songs seem to sound very similar. There's not a whole lot to distinguish one from the other. Maybe a second listen will make me feel otherwise.

3. Momy Levy - Yevo Ishi (Personal Import)

My love-fest with Momy Levy continues. I finally get the new album this week,
and I love it. I can't put my finger on why, but his music just puts me in a
great mood. Almost every song is a hit in my book. Momy sounds great, and he
knows how to make a song fun. We've already heard four singles before the album came out: Zot Lo Ahava (Track 7), Lo Valentino (Track 13) , Banu L'ha'ir Ta'ir (Track 4) and Tehee Karov (Track 5)...all big hits, with the exception of the
last one (a great ballad, written by Arkadi Duchin). But there's so much more. I especially like the collaborations, including the funky, jazzy "Ma She'lo Yehiyeh" with Shai 360, a really nice pop ballad with Shirley Tzafri and a beautiful remake of Rami Kleinstein's "Notzah Ba'ruach" with Ayala Ingedashet. Aside from those, "Od Yom" (Track 3) and "Lo Yashen" (Track 6) are a lot of fun, and I love the gospel sound on "Bo Elai" (Track 9). In all, an incredible album...and I'm not just saying that because Momy mentioned me on his Radios 100FM radio show yesterday... :-)

If you're interested, all 3 of these albums are now available on the home page
of with two new podcasts.

Has anyone else heard any of these, or other new albums? Discuss.......