Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Israel's 59th

I hope many of you outside of Israel have been listening to Israeli radio online today.

It just "feels" different today. You can tell that there is a festive atmosphere. That there is reason for elebration. That there is a clear sense of national pride.

For those of you in the USA, do you feel this way on July 4th?

Last night, I had the pleasure to host a special edition of The Israel Hour from the streets of Rutgers University during Rutgers Hillel's Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration. Hundreds of college students joined us as Israeli music blared through the streets and blue and white Israeli flags were everywhere. You could just feel the excitement in the air, and made me proud to be associated with the land of Israel.

As Israel celebrates its 59th birthday, please take a moment today to reflect on the wonderful things accomplished by this young nation in such a short period of time. In some small (or large) way, take the time to celebrate Israel today - its language, its culture, its history and especially its music.

And take the first step in planning your next visit. I plan to be there this summer. Will you join me?


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